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Report Scores / Rainouts / Forfeits

Find the correct form below and fill in all fields.  Press send to advise the correct executive of the status of games.

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Umpire Feedback

+/- feedback about plate umpire. (INCLUDE NAME OF UMPIRE if you know it). Please go to League Feedback page for formal complaint procedures.
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needs sand, holes etc...


Fill in this form for EVERY forfeit.  If you are forfeitting a game less than 24 hours before game start time, please follow up by calling the Vancouver Softball Umpire Association at 604 325-2839 as well as the team rep of the opposing team, the UIC and the Statistician.  Please refer to the team rep info form you were e-mailed at the beginning of the season for team reps contact phone number.  Thanks.
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Fill in this form for a Rainout that was called at the field by the umpire.  The home team is responsible to report the rainout in order to get the game re-scheduled asap.  If all games are rained out and it's reported on the rainout line, the UIC will fill in this form.  We will try to re-schedule within a three-week period.  If you don't hear from someone within a week of the rained out game, please re-submit the information.  Thanks
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