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Roster Tips

On June 1 (date may vary slightly each year), each team’s roster is due along with the remaining team fees to be paid. The roster is a list of all team players names and their Softball BC numbers, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and signatures. The completed rosters are submitted to Softball BC to ensure our league can operate, to calculate fees payment to Softball BC, and to be covered by insurance (via our individual Softball BC numbers).

The following are tips for completing the team roster:

1.  Ensure that every player has a Softball BC # before they play – a membership form and a $10 fee may be mailed to Softball BC (forms can be obtained through the Registrar).  If players have forgotten their Softball BC numbers they can either email Softball BC (Linda) at and include their full name and date of birth to get their old number or they will need to fill in a new card and pay the $10 again. They must have a number on the roster to be covered under insurance and eligible to play.

2. Once the roster form is received start compiling the information early. 


3.    Write clearly and legibly (print or use BLOCK capitals), sometimes it is helpful if a single person fills in the information and have the players sign individually. 


4.    PRESS HARD when writing, there are four copies being made, writing firmly will ensure the information makes it on the last copy. 


5.    Fill in ALL the information. If a player does not recall their Softball BC # they can contact Softball BC to get it (email and include your full name and date of birth). 


6.    If your coach is also a player you do not need to indicate in both locations by filling out the coach’s information (the league will end up getting charged twice). The important part is that they are registered, and will be so by simply being a player. Note: this does not work in reverse – a coach cannot play if they are only “registered” as a coach and not a player. 


7.    Submit the completed form to the Registrar on time.