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Mabel League Executive 2010


All Executive members are hard working people who volunteer their time in the organization of The Mabel League so that all women have an opportunity to participate in an excellent softball program. Support from the league membership is encouraged. Constructive feedback is encouraged. The use of profanity, colorful comments or direct berating of any league volunteer is unacceptable. To make a difference - be a volunteer.  If you have a complaint then make a difference - run for a board position.

Voting for these positions takes place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held the second Monday in September each year. Nominees for he positions of Chair, Co-Chair, UIC, and Treasurer must have been a player, coach or umpire in The Mabel League for at least 2 years. Any persons nominated shall accept for one position only. Any registered player who cannot attend the AGM and wishes to vote, must do so in person by contacting the outgoing Executive one week prior to the election.


email chair

- Oversees the running of the league

- Shall have the option to call a league meeting

- Will chair the league meetings and will see that the agenda is followed; and that decorum and good order are maintained

- Shall collect and keep all records for a five year period which will be given to a new Chair

- Will provide an agenda prior to each meeting and inform Communications of same

- Will sit on Rules and Grievance Committee if Co-Chair cannot attend, or is ineligible

- Will assume role as stated in Part 3.6

- Will be responsible for purchasing and keeping track of approved league equipment

EXECUTIVE CO-CHAIR - Morgan C, Wombats
email co-chair

- Will replace the Chair when absent

- Will sit on the Rules & Grievance Committee with UIC, and one team representative

- Will be responsible for tabulating & distributing information concerning available trophies, to be submitted to the Executive Committee

- Will deal with league sponsor, where applicable

- Will assist Registrar in verifying eligibility of new players

- Will be responsible for management of Volunteer activities and corresponding Points (Contribution Award) distribution.

TREASURER - Jackie D, Eager Beavers
email treasurer

- Will receive all league monies and will keep up-to-date financial records and present financial statements tri-annually to League Committee

- Will be in charge of collecting and reconciling team registration fees from the registrar

- Will receive and disburse all funds

- All expenditures shall be approved by the Executive Committee and evidenced by initials of at least 2 Executive Members

- Will be official signing authority, along with one or two other members of the Executive Committee

- Shall retain all invoices paid and deposit records to be passed onto the chair to form part of the permanent league records

REGISTRAR - Christal E, Somethin' Else
email registrar

- Will be in charge of distributing and collecting all registration forms and fees. Fees to be forwarded to the Treasurer

- Will report to the Chair any delinquent fees or registration forms

- Will liaise with Softball BC

- Will liaise with existing sponsors (if any)

- Will maintain a list of current Softball BC numbers

- Will receive score books, and tabulate players' playoff eligibility, with the assistance of another Executive member/and or the Rules Committee.

email communications

- Will be the contact for the league in relation to marketing, promotions, fundraising, and sponsorship opportunities

- Will be responsible for advertising league events and writing letters of appreciation to sponsors (if any)

- Will ensure that there is a consistent league contact when the season is over

- Will contact fields position in the fall to ensure the following season registration process with the parks board occurs

- Will work with Chair to create important dates sheet to bring to the first Executive meeting in January

- Will hand out a list of important dates and deadlines and ensure that everyone  has access to the information on line

- Will contact the executive for the first meeting in January and team reps for their first meeting in February

- Will ensure that each team has a contact person and is given up to date information either by email or referral to the website

- Will update executive contact information on a regular basis as well as distribute that list to each team

- Will update team rep contact information on a regular basis as well as distribute that list to each team

- Will email or telephone team reps and Executive with a reminder of league meetings or for other league business during the course of the year

- Will  organize the website and ensure that all graphics, content, hosts, and domain services are taken care of for the season and will update the website regularly and add important league information when requested

- Will collect a list of newly elected Executive members contact information

email UIC

- Will set up at least 1 training clinic per year at the start of the season open to new umpires or umpires wishing a refresher course

- Will be in charge of randomly scheduling umpires for each league and play-off game in all divisions

- Will administer all rules and training concerns regarding umpires and their qualifications

- Will be voting member of Rules & Grievance Committee

- Will draw up the ground rules for each park in the league prior to season play. They will be given to each team representative in writing and should be brought to each game. All umpires will abide by these ground rules

- Will assist tournament league finals with tournament rules and league year end play-offs

FIELDS - Justin C, somethin' naked
email fields

- Will assist the Umpire-in-Chief in carrying out her duties

- Will ensure umpires are outfitted with rule books and proper basic equipment

- Will provide copies of the league playing rules before the season starts.

- Will help facilitate rules of play by-law meeting

- Will liaise with Parks Board and all other government to secure parks for league and playoff games if Communications and Publicity member cannot

SECRETARY - Dorothy M, Wombats
email secretary

- Will take minutes of all meetings and will maintain up-to-date records

- Will type and duplicate minutes of meeting as well as pertinent league correspondence

- Will be responsible for letters of appreciation to city representatives, sponsors and donators

- Will sit on Rules & Grievance Committee if Co-Chair or Chair cannot attend, or are ineligible or any other member of the Executive cannot attend

- Will sit on the Constitutional Revision Committee

email statistician

- Will be responsible for maintaining league standings

- Will receive all game scores and provide totals to Communications executive so as to be posted online (weekly updates)

- Will chair Scheduling Committee and be responsible for overall schedule delivery (league and tournaments).

Email Umpire in Chief

Email Statistician